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For over 30 years, real estate beat the stock market by a significant margin with less daily volatility. Diversify away from the stock market’s volatility, the "value-approach", and move to generating passive income.


This investment is for those seeking the financial benefits of passive income from hard assets like real estate but lack the time, experience or expertise to conduct market research, pursue acquisitions and handle the management or operation of the asset.

We do all the work to maximize yields to ensure you receive a monthly fixed income. Whether you are actively investing or just getting started, this investment may be for you and your long-term financial security.


Garrett Sell, our Managing Partner, brings over 10 years of proven successful experience in identifying, purchasing and selling distressed real estate assets in his home market of the Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater MSA, as well as over 7 other markets in various states across the country.

His extensive marketing and negotiation platform allows Coastal Financial Partners, through its subsidiary Investment Funds, to buy properties at a significant discount. By acquiring properties at such discounts healthy annual returns are consistently achieved. Our Managing Partner’s experience allows our firm to proactively move from strategy to strategy, which allows his investors to be positioned in assets in time to capitalize on the next market trend or cycle. Our fund specializes in repositioning distressed property and bringing the property back to the market as either a high yielding rental asset or as a high yielding resale.

Although the overall real estate market has exploded recently making it harder to acquire assets at an attractive yield, we counteract this by deploying a marketing system developed over 10 years and continuously updating our approaches for the changing market conditions. We do this all while utilizing the best in industry technology. As you read this, targeted marketing campaigns are being carried out by Coastal Financial Partners to cities with real estate asset classes where undervalued investment properties with high cash flow potential can still be found.

Garrett Sell has an impeccable and proven investment history spanning more than the past 10 years. He is known for being successful in consistently achieving high levels of return and wealth growth through acquiring and then optimizing real estate assets. By partnering with us, you participate in the yield generated from an expert due to his experience in buying and repositioning distressed assets. Coastal Financial Partners offers both fixed rate and equity participation Investment Funds to meet the needs of any investor looking to invest a portion of their portfolio in tangible real assets.

Investing with us means becoming a partner. Our goal is to obtain long-term investment partners that we can create both passive cash flows and generational wealth with. We value our investment partners and understand that once you partner with us in one of our Investment Funds our fates are linked, and we understand you’ve placed your trust is in us to figuratively captain the ship. You can rest easy knowing our interests are aligned in the outcome of every financial decision as Coastal Financial Partners ALWAYS invests their own capital alongside its investment partners in every Investment Fund it creates.


Ideal market conditions are currently driving the Florida real estate market especially in the Tampa metropolitan statistical area (“MSA”) in which we plan to initially focus our investment efforts. Besides having intimate knowledge of the Tampa MSA through working and living there, our Principal has successfully invested throughout the past market cycles. This market shows signs of growth, as Tampa bay is presently the 18th largest metropolitan area in the country. The Tampa Bay area’s population, already the largest of any metropolitan area in the state, is projected to grow from 3 million last year to 3.1 million this year, and to 3.3 million over the next five years*

*Tampa Bay, Florida News, 22 Feb. 2018,


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